RÉNAG is the National GNSS network of French research laboratories. Integrated into the RESIF research infrastructure that evolved to EPOS-France in 2023, this network is dedicated to scientific research and Earth observation in internal and external geophysics and geodesy. It became a National Observation Service in 2006 and is part of the ANO-3: Geodesy and Gravimetry. Its mission is to acquire, preserve and disseminate permanent GNSS data over the long term. As such, it is financially supported by INSU-CNRS and the Ministry of Higher Education. The RÉNAG is today a major component of the large French national equipment RESIF and contributes through it to the large European research infrastructure EPOS. It also benefits from the material support of several public institutions such as IGN, CEA, IRSN and CNES. The data collected are publicly available and free. Since 2011, the RÉNAG archives and distributes in restricted access the data of the Orpheon network of the private partner Geodata Diffusion.

This page presents the governance of RÉNAG.

This page presents the partners of the RÉNAG network