The Résif-RENAG data center and the EPOS Data Gateway are operated at Observatoire de la Côte d'Azur. Data distributed by the center have to be correctly cited in publication via their DOI ( see Politique de distribution). Another DOI is associated with the data center itself (

To contact the Résif-RENAG data center : renagdc -at-


The RENAG station data are directly downloadable in the standard GNSS data exchange format "rinex" via ftp for the  30 seconds and 1 second sampled data (and via https at 30 seconds and 1 second). The metadata of the stations and the rinex files are collected in a database that can be searched via a GLASS web service interface developed in the framework of the EPOS project. Tools for querying data availability and quality are also available on this web site.

Data from some RENAG stations are also available in real-time stream.


GEODATA DIFFUSION is in charge of the deployment, the commercial exploitation and the maintenance of the permanent GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) network "ORPHEON".  GEODATA DIFFUSION makes the data of the GNSS stations of the ORPHEON network available to users of the various university scientific communities, under condition.

The ORPHEON network metadata are made available via the GSAC web service. To obtain the data, please contact us.