Evolution of EPOS GNSS data quality monitoring services

March 21, 2022


At the beginning of this year 2022, the Royal Observatory of Belgium puts online in the framework of Epos a new tool for visualizing the quality of GNSS observations made on the permanent Epos-GNSS stations, including the stations of the French networks (Résif-Rénag, RGP, IPGP and Teria to come), which are part of the Résif-GNSS transverse action.

For each station and each distribution node (the French-node managed at the Observatoire de la Côte d’Azur and the IPGP node in particular) it is now possible to obtain the time series presenting the number of observables, and quality criteria as well as the raw position obtained from the code signals only (simple point positioning).

This tool for monitoring the quality of observations uses the Gnut/Anubis software. It will make it easier to detect hardware problems on the stations managed by the French networks and offers a simple visualization for the user of the global quality of the available records.

It complements the tools already available online but less complete (for example here).